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Report: Samsung sold one smartwatch for every 23 smartphones shipped in Q3 2017

Samsung makes among the best smartwatches available on the market, but the Korean company isn’t selling as many smartwatches as it should be, according to data released by analysts at Canalys. In the third quarter of this year, Samsung sold one smartwatch for every 23 smartphones shipped, falling behind Apple and also selling fewer units than Xiaomi, Fitbit, and Huawei.

Samsung’s smartwatch sales fall behind the competition

Apple sold one watch for every seven smartphones, while Huawei sold one for every 14 smartphones shipped. Samsung is currently holding on to 5 percent of the market share and managed to ship 0.5 million units of the Gear S3. It does seem like the Gear Sport wasn’t included in this data, although that wouldn’t have made much of a difference given the Gear Sport’s limited availability right now. The data for next quarter might improve, however, even if Samsung may not manage to match the competition in terms of overall sales.
According to Canalys, the cellular-enabled Apple Watch 3 was a major reason for the Tim Cook led company’s increased sales, suggesting that consumers are interested in smartwatches that can make calls and connect to a data network without a phone. That might be an obstacle for the Gear Sport, which doesn’t offer cellular functionality by virtue of being more focused on fitness than any previous Samsung smartwatch. As for Fitbit and Xiaomi, it’s unlikely Samsung will ever catch up, not unless it starts focusing on affordable fitness trackers, or at least those that cater to a wide variety of price points. At upwards of €200, the Gear Fit2 Pro may not be enough.
Our Gear Sport is review underway, so it won’t be long before we are able to tell you if it’s worth purchasing. Spoiler: It’s certainly a good option for fitness freaks looking for a premium smartwatch to keep track of their exercise routines, and we’ll have more details in our upcoming review. Have you purchased a Samsung smartwatch in recent months?

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Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates’ investment firm plops $80 million on Smart City

Microsoft has recently been pushing to help communities foster more innovation by evolving them into incubation hubs where the very foundation of the area centers around technology. Microsoft has been calling their connected experiment, Smart Cities and it now looks like the companies former CEO is stealing a play from the businesses playbook and opening up his own funded technological community.
While Microsoft has decided to place its city in or near bustling tech-related areas such as Denver and China, former company CEO Bill Gates is sprouting up his own community in Phoneix, Arizona, near west valley and just 45 minutes outside of the downtown area. Gates’ location choice may seem a bit odd now, but it’s fair to assume the co-founder of Microsoft has done a bit of research which may have included the prospect of a freeway leading directly from Belmont to Las Vegas.
Just recently, an investment firm associated with Bill Gates invested $80 million into what’s being codenamed the Belmont project. For $80 million, Gates is looking to dedicate 3,800 acres of the project to office, commercial, and retail space while an additional 470 acres will be reserved for educational innovation such as public schools with the remainder reserved for private residences.
According to a report from NBC News, “Belmont will create a forward-thinking community with a communication and infrastructure spine that embraces cutting-edge technology, designed around high-speed digital networks, data centers, new manufacturing technologies and distribution models, autonomous vehicles and autonomous logistics hubs.”
As Internet of Things devices and machine learning becomes more prevalent, creating interconnected systems are becoming easier for service providers. Perhaps, with one visionary (a proven one at that) at the helm, the Belmont Project can avoid the red tape of working around established pseudo monopolies with proprietary protocols to streamline a living condition many have hoped for, for some time.

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Storage Spaces returns to Windows Server's semi-annual channel

Microsoft's revealed that Storage Spaces Direct will return in the next semi-annual version of Windows Server.
Storage Spaces is Microsoft's software-defined and/or hyperconverged storage tool and mysteriously disappeared from Windows Server 1709.
Microsoft's since teased further “hyper-converged innovation” in “another release available very soon.”
Now the company has announced the release of a preview build of the Windows Server semi-anual release due in the first half of 2018. Details are thin, but Microsoft's announcement said that the software-defined storage tool will include data deduplication and Microsoft's Resilient File System (ReFS).
Redmond's also revealed Insider builds of the “Honolulu” web-based PowerShell-killer. Microsoft has added “support for managing Windows 10 in a new 'Computer Management' solution, a new Remote Desktop tool for connecting directly to targeted machines, and some performance improvements and bug fixes” since the first public builds.
Microsoft has not revealed when either product will ship or whether the Windows Server preview is the big new hyperconverged innovation it has promised. ReFS has been around since Windows Server 2012, while data deduplication is a tick-box feature for any storage software or appliance, so The Register imagines Redmond has something up its sleeve. The company is also silent on when the next Windows Server semi-annual release, or Honolulu, will formally debut. 

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Rohingya woman in Bangladesh helps others flee Myanmar

KUTUPALONG, Bangladesh — Zahida Begum doesn’t remember her home village, a tiny speck amid the mountains and forests of Myanmar. She was only 18 months old when her mother smuggled her across the Naf River on a fishing boat, carrying her into Bangladesh, among hundreds of thousands of Muslim Rohingya fleeing persecution in their home country.
Begum has been a refugee ever since. She grew up in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps, and now earns a living working for a string of international aid groups. On quiet days, she’s the kind of person who wanders around looking for someone to help.
So when frantic relatives called her in late September to tell her that Myanmar soldiers were burning Rohingya villages and tens of thousands of Rohingya were fleeing, the 28-year-old jumped into action.
She made calls to a half-dozen countries. She raised thousands of dollars. She called in favors and arranged for boats and smugglers.
And one day later, some 400 people — including some of Begum’s relatives and other people from nearby villages — were safe.
“Had Zahida not sent those boats, we would have died in Myanmar,” said 35-year-old Abdul Matlab, one of the people rescued that night.
Matlab now lives in Bangladesh with his extended family in a small shelter of bamboo and plastic tarp where they sleep huddled together on the floor.
He said from his village alone, Begum saved 70 people. But about 400 others from the village were killed by Myanmar government forces, he said.
Begum, a smiling, self-confident woman in a long black cloak and headscarf, grew up listening to stories about the persecution of Rohingya in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, just across the Naf River.
Myanmar’s Rohingya have been called one of the world’s most persecuted minorities, a community of Muslims in a largely Buddhist country whose government refuses to recognize them as a lawful ethnic minority. Though some Rohingya families have lived in Myanmar for centuries, they are widely disparaged as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.
Not long before she heard from her frantic relatives in Myanmar, Begum had heard about the start of “clearance operations” by the country’s security forces that eventually led to 618,000 Rohingya fleeing their homes and crossing the border into Bangladesh. The United Nations has said Myanmar’s actions appeared to be “ethnic cleansing.”
Begum knew she had to act quickly. There were mothers and children trying to flee. She remembered her mother’s stories of their own journey out of Myanmar in 1990, when more than 250,000 Rohingya fled to escape forced labor, rape and religious persecution.
Begum told the group she was in contact with that they should make their way toward the Naf River border and wait for more instructions.
“I called my brother-in-law, who lives abroad, and told him our brothers and sisters have arrived near the river, and asked him how we can bring them across to Bangladesh,” said Begum, who works as a translator and door-to-door health educator for aid and rights organizations including Human Rights Watch.
With the help of relatives in Australia and Malaysia, Begum said she raised more than $4,000 in a matter of hours. The money was wired to her through a shady middleman who charged a hefty fee.
She then contacted a fisherman in the Bangladeshi coastal village of Shamlapur, close to her home in the congested Kutupalong refugee camp, and asked him to hire two boats and set them off toward the Myanmar border.
Eventually, 70 families were brought out in the two boats, which had traveled more than 60 kilometers (100 miles) from Bangladesh to the pickup point in Myanmar, traveling through the Bay of Bengal and along the Naf River under the night sky. The smugglers charged more than $4,200.
Begum waited for the boats in Shamlapur, and first settled the new refugees around her own bamboo-and-tarp home. Eventually, she used what was left of the money, combined with more donations she had received, to give each family $35, then sent them to another refugee camp nearby to build their own shelters.
“If they are safe and healthy, I am content,” Begum said when asked why she decided to help. “Nothing makes me more happy than that.”
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Russia’s Long-Haul Truckers Plan 10-Day Warning Strike In December And A Presidential Campaign – OpEd

The Carriers Union says that Russian truckers will resume their strike in more than 50 federal subjects from December 15 to 25 to press their demands for an end to the Plato system they struck against earlier and are now preparing for their leader, Andrey Bazhutin, to be a candidate in the presidential elections next March.
While their earlier strike and many like it did not change the government’s policies, the truckers say that they will adopt the same approach and are making the same demands in the hopes that these will gain greater traction during the presidential campaign, especially if they have their own candidate (
In addition to demanding a change in the government’s road use fee system and its monitoring of the truckers, the drivers are also seeking a vote of no confidence in Vladimir Putin and the replacement of the current Russian government. The latter should happen, Bazhutin says, before the elections take place.
The union leader says that the date of the strike was chosen in order to maximize the influence of the drivers, given that their strike will disrupt deliveries at a holiday time – and at a time when it appears presidential candidates will be seeking registration with the government authorities.
Bazhutin adds that his campaign and the strike are parallel actions not one in the same but he insists that the protest by the drivers now must be considered not simply economic but political. And he stressed that the readiness of the 10,000 members of his union to take part in this demonstration underscores that fact.
Drivers in Daghestan apparently are reluctant to join in, but the Carriers Union head points out that they were never part of his union but rather joined the strike in parallel with its own earlier this year. Many of them, whatever their leadership now says, he implies, are likely to do the same in the future.
In its report about these plans, Nezavisimaya gazeta cites the conclusions of Nikolay Mironov, the head of the Moscow Center for Economic and Political Reforms that any purely economic protest is likely to fail because its participants are divided, are unwilling to confront the powers directly, and can be fooled by false concessions into backing down.
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8 Aplikasi Cari Jodoh Android yang Terbaik Buat Kamu Temukan Cinta

8 Aplikasi Cari Jodoh Android yang Terbaik Buat Kamu Temukan Cinta - Banyak jiwa-jiwa kesepian di luar sana, jadi kenapa nggak bergerak cepat untuk menemukan jodoh atau cinta sejatimu? Hal yang harus kamu lakukan adalah pergi ke luar jangan mendekam terus di rumah.
Cobalah untuk berkenalan dengan orang baru, meskipun pada kenyataannya hal ini tidak mudah. Kecuali, kamu punya banyak teman dan dikenalkan.
Tenang, kamu masih bisa berusaha menemukan gebetan baru di aplikasi pencari jodoh Android. Hal ini layak dicoba, kenapa nggak? Yang paling penting jangan buru-buru, buat dia nyaman dan ajak deh ketemuan.

Aplikasi Pencari Jodoh Terbaik di Android

1. Happn

Happn mengharuskan kamu untuk terhubung menggunakan akun Facebook milikmu. Jangan lupa profil Facebook kamu harus sudah bagus ya.
Setelah itu, kamu bisa melihat sederet profil yang menampilkan nama, umur, pekerjaan, dan juga lokasi mereka. Klik Like jika kamu menyukai dan tekan tanda X jika kamu tidak tertarik.
Nantinya, kamu bisa chatting-an setelah doi menerima dan memang tertarik dengan kamu. Jadi, harus sabar ya.


Jaumo akan mempermudah kamu menemukan orang-orang yang mempunyai status hubungan lajang. Aplikasi Jaumo gratis, tidak ada biaya berlangganan, biaya layanan, ataupun lainnya.
Dengan Jaumo kamu bisa bertemu dengan orang-orang baru. Temukan siapa yang kamu sukai, dan kamu yang putuskan kemana ingin melanjutkannya.

3. Clover Dating App

Clover adalah sebuah aplikasi pencari jodoh di Android yang membantu kamu menemukan kenalan yang jomblo. Aplikasi ini dapat kamu coba gratis, namun kamu harus berlangganan jika memang cocok untuk dapat menikmati semua fitur-fiturnya.
Bahkan nih, kamu bisa langsung request untuk nge-date. Namanya juga usaha ya, coba saja dulu.

4. CMB Free Dating App

Coffee Meet Bagel adalah salah satu aplikasi pencari jodoh Android yang cukup populer di luar sana. Setiap hari pada siang hari, pria akan mendapatkan daftar profil gadis di daerah mereka.
Sementara, wanita akan mendapatkan daftar pria juga yang telah menyatakan minatnya. Jadi, kamu bisa mengenal satu sama lain secara lebih baik. Terus ajak ngopi deh ketemuan.

5. Zoosk

Zoosk juga bisa digunakan untuk mencari para wanita atau pria lajang untuk diajak berteman ataupun berpacaran. Fitur-fitur yang terdapat pada Zoosk bisa digunakan secara gratis. Salah satu fiturnya yang cukup keren adalah kamu bisa mengetahui siapa saja yang telah melihat profil kamu.
OkCupid Dating merupakan aplikasi pencari jodoh terbaik di Android yang paling banyak mendapatkan bintang 5 di Google Play Store. Salah satu yang membuat aplikasi ini cukup disukai adalah algoritma yang digunakan cukup baik untuk menemukan orang-orang yang sesuai dengan keinginan kamu.
MeetMe adalah aplikasi kencan berbasis lokasi lainnya, yang membantu kamu menemukan pria atau wanita single. Dengan ini kamu bisa bertemu seseorang yang tak jauh dari derah tempat kamu tinggal.
Kamu bisa mencari teman, kencan, bahkan menyatakan niat kamu langsung untuk mencari pacar.

8. Tinder

Kalau aplikasi yang satu ini pasti sudah pada tahu dong. Ya, Tinder adalah aplikasi kencan modern yang mempertemukan pria dan wanita lajang.
Kamu cukup menggesek ke kanan untuk menyukai dan otomatis mengirim permintaan pertemanan. Lalu, gesek ke kiri jika kamu tidak tertarik.
Itulah 8 aplikasi pencari jodoh terbaik di Android, namanya juga usaha ya. Saran dari Jaka sih, pastikan kamu sudah memasang foto terbaik kamu untuk menarik minat gebetan.
Masalah terbesar mencari kencan berbasis online adalah maraknya akun palsu, jadi kamu harus tetap berhati-hati ya. Jangan juga berharap terlalu tinggi, jika nantinya kamu bertemu satu sama lain dan nggak sesuai harapan. Sikapi dengan bijak, kalian masih bisa berteman. Semoga bermanfaat.
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Download TeamViewer Corporate 12.0.88438 Full Patch

Teamviewer Full adalah software yang dapat membantu kita untuk mengendalikan komputer lain yang terhubung dengan internet. Dengan menggunaan software yang satu ini, kita dapat dengan mudah membantu teman kita yang berada jauh disana dan terhubung ke internet dengan mengambil alih kontrol komputer teman anda tersebut. Kini Teamviewer menjadi salah satu aplikasi wajib yang harus dimiliki oleh anda semua, karena software yang satu ini benar-benar software yang sangat powerfull saat kita ingin mengajari sesuatu atau meminta bantuan teman lain untuk meremote secara langsung komputer kita.
Nah disini admin gigapurbalingga membagikan teamviewer edisi spesial, yaitu TeamViewer Full Crack yang merupakan versi terbaru dan paling stabil di tahun 2017 ini. Apalagi seperti biasa, kami juga sudah menyertakan patch yang dapat anda gunakan untuk melakukan aktivasi software Teamviewer Fullterbaru 2017 ini. Aplikasi yang satu ini dapat anda instal di semua jenis windows, jadi anda tidak perlu takut bahwa software ini tidak bisa diinstal di windows anda.
Features Of TeamViewer Full Crack
  • One solution for everything. While most competitors offer different packages for remote support, remote administration, training and sales (and also charge for them…) The application is the one-stop solution for everything you need: includes all modules in one simple and very affordable package.
  • Remote administration of unattended servers. TeamViewer can also be used to control unattended computers and servers. Installation as a system service even allows remote reboot and reconnect.
  • File transfer. TeamViewer comes with integrated file transfer that allows you to copy files and folders from and to a remote partner – which also works behind firewalls
  • Highest security standard. TeamViewer is a very secure solution. All versions feature completely secure data channels with key exchange and RC4 session encoding, the same security standard used by https/SSL.
  • No installation required. To install TeamViewer no admin rights are required. Just run the software and off you go…
  • High performance with international router network. Optimized for connections over LANs AND the Internet, TeamViewer features automatic bandwidth-based quality selection for optimized use on any connection.
  • TeamViewer uses an extended international server network with server locations in many countries all over the world, so no matter where you are located we will make sure that a high-security, high-performance router near your home destination will ensure great performance.
  • Remote support without installation. With TeamViewer you can remotely control any PC anywhere on the Internet. No installation is required, just run the application on both sides and connect – even through tight firewalls.
  • Remote presentation of products, solutions and services. The second TeamViewer mode allows you to present your desktop to a partner. Show your demos, products and presentations over the Internet within seconds – live from your screen.
  • Works behind firewalls. The major difficulties in using remote control software are firewalls and blocked ports, as well as NAT routing for local IP addresses. If you use TeamViewer you don’t have to worry about firewalls: TeamViewer will find a route to your partner.
  • Flexible use for a variety of applications. TeamViewer lets you connect to your partners in many different ways: You can either view or control your partner’s desktop in order to do online-support; You can transmit your screen to your partners for presentation purposes – You may even change directions during a session for high fidelity teamwork!
Cara Instal :
  1. Download dan ekstrak file “TeamViewer Full Patch” ini.
  2. Ekstrak juga file patch yang berada di dalam folder tersebut.
  3. Instal programnya.
  4. Setelah proses instalasi selesai, jangan dulu masuk ke dalam programnya.
  5. Buka folder patch.
  6. Jalankan file “1=Stop service and program” dengan cara klik 2x file tersebut.
  7. Setelah itu silahkan anda jalankan file “2=TeamViewer 12.xx Patch v2 AoRE” dengan cara klik kana >> run as administrator.
  8. Klik Patch.
  9. Lalu jalankan file “3=start service and program” dengan cara klik 2x file tersebut.
  10. Done
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